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April 9, 2021

Office Styling

It can be difficult to decide where to start when creating your home space. Let’s break it down into 5 easy to follow steps to make transition to at-home-work stress free.

  1. The Where

Do you have a whole room to dedicate? Do you have a den you want to transform, or is it about creating a nook in your apartment that will keep you productive? Deciding the where is the most important first step, as it will allow you to plan what your furniture and decor needs consist of.

2. The How

How will you be using the space? What do your office and work needs consist of? Do you work solely on a laptop, will you need a larger desktop screen, do you need a place to plan or draw? Knowing what you will be using the space for will make narrowing down furniture options a breeze!

3. The What

What do you want feel when you sit down (or stand up!) in your productive space? Would you like it to be bright and breezy, dark and moody, fun and flirty? What is your personal style? What lights you up and makes you feel like getting down to business? For me its all about cosy, blankets, candles and pillows make my office space feel like a big hug, like I am supported in whatever my business throws at me!

4. The Who

Who do you connect with – design wise I mean! Are you on a budget? Would Ikea and Structube be a good option for you? Can you splurge? Does Pottery Barn speak to you? What about west elm? CB2 or Crate and Barrel? Maybe its a combination of a few of these! Personally I find myself using picking a basic Ikea classic, and pairing it with some beautiful decor from CB2 to keep it elevated but budget friendly!

5. The When

When would you like you space completed? Back orders and wait times are the new norm for furniture, so this may impact your decisions. Keep these in mind when picking out your items – maybe you can find something similar that is local and in stock!

There you have it! It can be easy to make an office a functional space AND an aesthetically pleasing one, designing your office space with intention using your own colours, decor items and furniture options can inspire you and promote creativity and productivity in your everyday.

Here are some beautiful spaces you can create using simple design elements, like bright white walls, a statement rug, a simple desk, and an accent chair or two!

home office decor styling staging

A beautiful light fixture and some curtains to elevate the space.

Add some greenery to ground the space and insert a pop of colour!

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